June 23

Cheeky...Albert Einstein shows off his funny side.

Cheeky…Albert Einstein shows off his funny side.

On this day in 1902, one of the world’s most famous minds began working in an altogether more subdued job, but one which would (kind of) lead him to his greatest discovery.

Long before he developed his ‘Theory of Relativity’, Einstein was pushing paper at the Swiss Patent Office – turning up for work for the first time on 18th, June 1902.

The theoretical physicist examined patent applications for electromagnetic devices – ironically, the ‘father of modern physics’ was passed over for a promotion due to his lack of mechanical knowledge.

It is believed that Einstein’s provisional days assessing intellectual property would lead him to develop a few thought experiments which would, in turn, push him towards his legacy: E=MC2.

Also On This Day:

  • The first Henley Regatta was held on the River Thames. (1775)
  • Wimbledon introduces a seeding system for the first time. (1924)
  • The UN finds nerve gas in Iraqi missles. (1998)

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