June 19.

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Some of the punishments handed out for ration-related offences during World War 1 in Great Britain.

On this day in 1918, rationing was introduced to Great Britain as part of the general effort towards World War One.

Despite initially not wanting to actively control the food markets across the country, the government had to issue Ration Books to households across the UK.

Food across the country began to be distributed evenly to ensure no-one was getting too much or too little. For instance, items such as meats, butter and lard were on the ration books.

Such was the pinch felt on general food stocks, it also became illegal to feed pigeons in public and consume more than two courses for lunch and more than three for dinner if you were amongst the people.

Other famous incidents to occur On This Day include:

  • The first ‘Father’s Day’ was celebrated in Washington, US. (1910)
  • The first Garfield cartoon was published. (1978)
  • Prince Edward marries Sophie Rhys Jones. (1999)

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