June 12

On this day in 1992, Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson were murdered outside her California home.

Waiter, Goldman and Simpson, then wife of NFL superstar O.J. Simpson were found with multiple stab wounds outside Simpson’s house shortly after midnight.

O.J. Simpson was subsequently tried and found not guilty of both murders in a trial marked by media outlets as ‘The Trial of the Century’.

He was, however, found liable for Goldman’s death and his family were, many years later, granted the rights to a book penned by the former American Football player.

Released in 2007 the book, titled ‘If I Did It’, was released by the family with the word ‘if’ printed in tiny text within the rest of the title and included a foreword written collectively by the family. The foreword was called: “He Did It”.

Other famous historical events on this day include:

  • Three prisoners escaped from high-security prison Alcatraz, in California. (1962)
  • Anti-apartheid protestor, Nelson Mandela was handed a life sentence for sabotage. (1964)
  • Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson are murdered in California. O.J. Simpson is later acquitted of their murder. (1992)
  • Queen Elizabeth officially re-opens the Globe Theatre in London. (1996)

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