June 10

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Alcoholics Anonymous ‘chips’.
Left – Green Chip for six months sobriety.
Right – Purple Chip for nine months sobriety.

On this day in 1935, Dr. Robert Smith took his last sip of an alcoholic drink, setting up Alcoholic’s Anonymous in the process.

AA, still a predominately American institution, uses a specifically devised ’12-step Programme’ to help those who suffer from alcoholism (and later Narcotics) to remedy themselves of their affliction.

Dr. Robert (Bob) Smith was a relatively successful medical doctor, running his own colorectal surgery from his home in Ohio. Bob had suffered with heavy drinking-related issues during his college years and, latterly, checked himself into various institutions to try and rectify the issue before he came to the realisation that he had to do it himself.

On June 9th, Dr. Bob decided, with the help of fellow founder Bill Wilson, that enough was enough. He had a couple of drinks that night, one beer to steady his nerves in the morning and that was that.

Alcoholics Anonymous was founded that day by Bill and Bob.

Other historical events On This Day include:

  • Engineering company ‘Saab’ released their first car/automobile. (1947)
  • WWII: Norway surrenders to Germany. (1940)
  • Slobodan Milosevic agrees to withdraw troops from Kosovo, subsequently ending NATO air strikes on Serbia and therefore ending the Kosovo War. (1999).

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