May 15

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The original McDonald’s restaurant.

Were it not for May 15, 1940 the landscape of the civilised world would be considerably different…waistlines, at the very least.

Today marks the 74th birthday of the very first McDonald’s restaurant opening in San Bernardino, California. Richard and Maurice McDonald could possibly never have envisaged that their quaint beginnings as a BBQ restaurant would become the hamburger monolith it has.

In 1955, the McDonald brothers sold their, still relatively small, list of franchised stores to Ray Kroc, who was one of their original franchisees.

Nowadays, McDonald’s reports that they serve over 68 million customers a day in over 119 different countries. They were believed to be worth over $35.39 billion, with over 1.8 million employees, as of 2012.

Important burger-facts throughout history…?
We’re loving it.

Also throughout history on this day:

  • Paraguay declares independence from Spain. (1811)
  • The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, London opens. (1858)
  • Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton form the ‘National Woman Sufferage Association’. (1896)
  • Jessica Watson becomes the youngest girl to sail around the world, unassisted, at the age of 16. (2010)

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