May 9

Salem, witches, On This Day

The Memorial, as it stands, in Salem.

In 1892, many people were subjected to various forms of torture and, in most cases, death as they were believed to be witches.

Today is the 12th anniversary of the memorial which was erected in memory of those who were wrongly accused of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts.

The tales of witch trials in Salem have spawned many tales through their time including, arguably most famously, Arthur Miller’s 1953 play ‘The Crucible’. Miller’s work is strongly believed to be an allegory, representing his displeasure with the US government of the time, but also strongly depicts the horrific acts which awaited those that were accused of witchcraft.

  • The Beatles sign to Parlophone Records. (1962)
  • Proceedings to impeach Richard Nixon from his office as President of The United States begin. Nixon was condemned following his role in the ‘Watergate’ scandal. (1974)
  • Celtic win the Scottish Premiership title for the first time in ten years following a period of sustained dominance from arch-rivals, Rangers, who won the league nine times in-a-row. (1998)
  • An image of Gail Porter is projected on the House of Commons as part of a PR stunt for men’s magazine FHM.

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