Saint George’s Day.

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St George & The Dragon by Gustave Moreau

Today, and on the 23rd April every year, is Saint George’s Day.

Saint George is the patron saint of England and this date is believed to be the date of his death in the year AD 303.

George was venerated as a Christian martyr following the ending of his life which saw him serve honourably as a member of the Roman army. Having been born in Lydda, Roman Palestine to Greek Christian parents; the most notable story that follows St. George’s legend is his encounter with the fabled dragon – i.e. ‘George and The Dragon’.

It is believed (again – a bit of a trend in ‘legendary’ tales) that George confronted a dragon in ‘Silene’ in Libya with the town’s pond being inhabited by a plague-bearing dragon, a local princess was offered up to the dragon as a sacrifice, when George happened to ride past.

Having wounded the dragon defending the princess, he led it back to Silene (using the princess’ girdle as a leash) and announced to the town’s folk that, should they convert to Christianity, he would slay the beast for them.

The rest, as they say, is (kind of) history…


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