Iraq Invasion Begins in 2003.

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George W Bush delivers his speech confirming the US, UK, Australia and Poland had jointly begun an invasion of Iraq.

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the beginning of the ‘Iraq Invasion’ which would eventually lead to the Iraq war.

At approximately 05:33 Iraqi-time, four bombs were dropped on a compound in Dora, Iraq believed to contain Saddam Hussein. It was later revealed the dictator had been nowhere near the site since 1995.

Then-US president, George W. Bush had been pushing the idea of an Iraqi invasion to the White House since September 2002 and along with Great Britain, Australia and Poland, made the first move to what would eventually become the ‘Iraq war’.

President Bush would describe the exercise as an ‘attack of opportunity’.

The US announced they were withdrawing troops from the country in 2012.



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