South African Voters End Apartheid.


On this day in 1992, the white voters of South Africa overwhelmingly voted in favour of ending the country’s racist policy of apartheid.

South Africa’s National Party (NP) ruled the state from 1948 to 1994 and they initiated this most-recent version of apartheid across the African nation. Previously, Apartheid had been instigated during the Dutch colonisation before World War I. The National Party cemented it in law at the general election in 1948.

Apartheid’s most famous opponent came in the shape of Nelson Mandella, who served his near 20-year prison sentence for allegedly attempting to overthrow the government during times of segregation.

Following the abolition of apartheid and his subsequent release, Mandela would work tirelessly to re-connect the black and white communities of South Africa, for instance, his continued support of the all-white rugby team of the nineties would assist this reparation from both sides.


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