Bangladeshi Independence Day.

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Bangladeshi Independence Day


Since 1971, on this day, the people of Bangladesh have celebrated their Independence from Pakistan.

Very late into the night of March 25th, 1971, there was an official start to the ‘Liberation War‘ as the formerly known East-Pakistan decided to rebel against the rest of the country.

In a nine-month war that cost an alleged 3 million lives, the ‘Mukti Bahini’ fought against the Pakistani Army with support from some Indian collaborators.

The war would be won on 19th December, which is commonly known as ‘Victory Day’ amongst Bangladeshi communities.


Iraq Invasion Begins in 2003.

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George W Bush delivers his speech confirming the US, UK, Australia and Poland had jointly begun an invasion of Iraq.

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the beginning of the ‘Iraq Invasion’ which would eventually lead to the Iraq war.

At approximately 05:33 Iraqi-time, four bombs were dropped on a compound in Dora, Iraq believed to contain Saddam Hussein. It was later revealed the dictator had been nowhere near the site since 1995.

Then-US president, George W. Bush had been pushing the idea of an Iraqi invasion to the White House since September 2002 and along with Great Britain, Australia and Poland, made the first move to what would eventually become the ‘Iraq war’.

President Bush would describe the exercise as an ‘attack of opportunity’.

The US announced they were withdrawing troops from the country in 2012.


South African Voters End Apartheid.


On this day in 1992, the white voters of South Africa overwhelmingly voted in favour of ending the country’s racist policy of apartheid.

South Africa’s National Party (NP) ruled the state from 1948 to 1994 and they initiated this most-recent version of apartheid across the African nation. Previously, Apartheid had been instigated during the Dutch colonisation before World War I. The National Party cemented it in law at the general election in 1948.

Apartheid’s most famous opponent came in the shape of Nelson Mandella, who served his near 20-year prison sentence for allegedly attempting to overthrow the government during times of segregation.

Following the abolition of apartheid and his subsequent release, Mandela would work tirelessly to re-connect the black and white communities of South Africa, for instance, his continued support of the all-white rugby team of the nineties would assist this reparation from both sides.

Pope Francis starts his papacy…

Pope Francis

Pope Francis began his papacy on 13th March, 2013.

On this day, just last year (2013), Pope Francis began his papacy as the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church.

Following on from Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis had been serving as the Provincial Superior of the Society of Jesus in Argentina, Ordinary of the Ordinariate for the Faithful of the Eastern Rites in Argentina.

Happy one year anniversary, Pope Francis.

Foreman refuses to defend title…

Tony Tucker vs. Bruce Seldon

Tony Tucker vs. Bruce Seldon

On This Day in 1995, then WBA Heavyweight Champion, was told by the World Boxing Association that he would no longer be recognised as their champion as he decided he didn’t fancy the challenge of No. 1 contender, Tony Tucker.

The bout would go ahead, following Foreman’s title-stripping, between Tucker and the No. 2 contender, Bruce Seldon, who won the fight, in the end.

Initially, Foreman had refused to accept that Tucker was his No. 1 contender and, instead, decided to opt for a fight with unranked German, Axel Schulz.