Facebook Turns 10!

Facebook Likes 10 years.

Facebook Turns 10 Today.

On This Day in 2004, the first instance of Facebook was launched by founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg from his college dorm room at Harvard.

To say ‘thefacebook’ (as it was first known) generated slight controversy following its launch, would be a slight understatement. Zuckerberg was sued by fellow Harvard students the Winklevoss twins who said Zuckerberg had stolen their idea…this would become the plot to the 2010 film ‘The Social Network’ starring Jesse Einberg and Justin Timberlake.

Facebook recently announced its push into the mobile market has seen 945 million downloads of their app over Android and iOS platforms; 556 million of them were active during December 2013.

It looks like Facebook might be with us for quite a while to come…


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