Happy 37th Birthday, Orlando!

Orlando Bloom - 37 today.

Orlando Bloom – 37 today (not in ‘elf years’).

Happy Birthday to a proper A-Lister today as Orland Bloom hits 37 today.

Born in Canterbury, Kent, Bloom has played his part in some of the biggest films to hit the screen in recent years having starred in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Lord of The Rings’, ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Three Musketeers’.

But it hasn’t always been fancy costumes and make-up for Orlando, ‘Ned Kelly’, ‘New York, I Love You’, ‘The Good Doctor’ and last year’s ‘Zulu’ are just a few others.

So, to celebrate Orlando’s birthday, here’s a ridiculously meta video of Orlando, all Legolas-ed up on the set of the final ‘Hobbit’ film, singing a remixed version of some of his dialogue from Lord of The Rings…it’s difficult to explain:


The ‘Original’ video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uE-1RPDqJAY


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