Tin Tin Makes his First Appearance.

Tin Tin and Snowy (he's in the grass!)

Tin Tin and Snowy (he’s in the grass!)

84 years ago, a now infamous ginger kid and his loveable pup were first introduced to the world by a Belgian cartoonist, Georges Remi, under the pen-name ‘Herge’.

Tin Tin and Snowy made their debut in 1929 in French comic, ‘Le Petit Vingtième’ (‘The Little Twentieth’) the children’s section of a national newspaper in Belgium.

Since then, the twosome have come on in leaps and bounds. In 2006 Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama awarded ‘TinTin in Tibet’ the ‘Light of Truth Award’ for its services to Tibet.

Since then, a 3D-motion capture animated film has been released based on their exploits. Starring Jamie Bell, Mackenzie Crook and Simon Pegg as the titular character, it was the first non-Pixar animation to win ‘Best Animated Feature’ at the Golden Globes and grossed over $373 million.


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